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There are no shortage of Star Wars websites on the Internet these days. Our goal is not to provide breaking news you won’t be able to find anywhere else, or hot takes to generate speculation and/or outrage. Rather, we hope through our writing we can foster a community where we, as a collective fanbase, can discuss our favorite stories intelligently without resorting to knee-jerk reactions or mindless adoration. The universe is not perfect; far from it. But we love it all the same and are excited for what is to come.

David Marshall

Credit: Steven Michael Photography

For as long as he can remember, David has been a fan of Star Wars. Like most kids his age, he had plenty of toys to keep him busy. Most of them dealt with the various creatures: dewbacks, rontos, rancors, etc. However, as things tend to go, Star Wars became less of a priority in his life after the prequels. By the time The Clone Wars showed up on TV, so much of the universe was a distant thought. Fast forward to 2014/2015, and thanks to the announcement of The Force Awakens and becoming friends with Chris (see below), there was finally balance in the Force again. Since then, David has been quick to consume the various novels, TV shows, and comics in the extended universe, consistently being impressed with the depth and nuance of the stories being told.

When he’s not writing, thinking, or talking about Star Wars, he’s happily married to his best friend. This summer will mark three years, and they’re excited to extend that by numerous decades. They’re also the proud parents of a beautiful boy who was able to experience his first Star Wars movie in theaters at the age of three months. (Slept through the whole thing, to the relief of everyone around them!) Finally, in a few years, he is planning on graduating from Central Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity, with hopes of becoming a hospice chaplain.

Chris Wermeskerch

Credit: Erin Dobosiewicz Photography

Chris was born at 11:38; because of this, his love for Star Wars would become inevitable. Born a few years before the Special Editions gave Chris an entirely different perspective on Star Wars. Greedo always shot first, and the Prequels were the Star Wars he grew up with. His early love for reading intersected with Star Wars Legends lore quickly: many recesses were spent reading the Legacy of the Jedi series, or Dark Horse comics. At some points, his love for Star Wars waned. If it wasn’t for The Clone Wars, Chris may not be a Star Wars fan today. Books like The Crucible, and inaccessible multi-media events pushed Chris away from the galaxy for a while…

The Force Awakens revitalized Chris’s love for Star Wars in an unmistakeable way. Having just moved to Chicago, the new film, and the mass hysteria forming around it, gave Chris new avenues into a new, giant, city. As the canon grew, and even casual fans became more inundated with Star Wars material, Chris found new avenues for friendship because of Star Wars. When Chris is not interacting with Star Wars material in some way, he is reading theology, writing, looking at memes, or watching another awful superhero show. Sometimes, most of the time, it’s more than one.