Why “The Force Awakens” is “My Star Wars”

I’m not sure that I would ever say that The Force Awakens is the best Star Wars film. I have my gripes with it – I know everybody does. This isn’t the place to recast all of those: it would be redundant, and I think films are meant to be enjoyed. I think Coop from Eleven Thirty-Eight put it well when he described the films as experiences rather than films. You don’t offer critiques of experiences, right? So, I would love to reflect, coming into Star Wars’s 40th year, on why The Force Awakens will always be “my” Star Wars.

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How Star Wars is Important, Still

In a world of mass protests, government upheavals, fear, strife, unrest, disunity, it feels like it would be almost irresponsible to take a step back. Activism must come at all times, on every front: to rest at one point would be to fail someone, somewhere. When our situations seem bad, it seems like the first easy thing we could do is throw out fiction. What time do we have for reading fake stories when real lives are on the line? Does spending time in our imagination do anyone good?
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Alliance vs. Empire: Changing the Way We Play the Game

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, this would signal the beginning of the end for the stories now considered “Legends.” A large number of novels and comics, once viewed as integral by some to the extended universe, were relegated to a non-canonical position. For some, this came as a relief. As for others, it felt like a slap in the face.

What this means for Star Wars as a whole, however, is when the new novels started coming out, this began the laying of groundwork for what the new universe would look like. Tarkin helped flesh out one of the more revered antagonists in Star Wars history. Whereas A New Dawn introduced several Star Wars Rebels characters many of us now know and love. Not necessarily earth shattering changes, but changes nonetheless.

Fast-forward to 2017, and not only do we have a handful of stellar novels, but we now have two new movies that are welcome additions to the universe. However, instead of focusing on all of the changes, there is one particular topic I want to address: how we perceive the Rebellion and the Empire.

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