We Serve their Kind: Confessions of a Geek

In “We Serve Their Kind”, David and I want to bring a diverse group of voices forward on First Order of Business. These reflections and opinions belong to the author, and don’t necessarily reflect our views. As such, these are (barely) edited for grammar, but not content. But that’s the point! We want to hear your voice, whether or not we agree.

I was 8 years old when I first saw Star Wars a New Hope in the theater in 1977, and I was hooked. It was like nothing we have ever seen before, well, at least for me it was. I immediately identified with Luke Skywalker, he was a daydreamer and so was I, he has been my all-time favorite character ever since.

My Star Wars fandom went into a slump after 1983, of course, we all thought Return of the Jedi was the last Star Wars we’d ever see. I would still watch my VHS’s and later DVD’s over and over again, but I was sad knowing that I would never see another new Star Wars movie. I was never much of a reader so I really never got into the Expanded Universe, so the movies were the only thing I had, well that and my old Kenner Star Wars toys, which I still have most of them. Mint condition? No hardly, they were played with and played with hard. But I still cherish them and would love to display them someday when I have the room for it.

Then sometime in the late 90’s I heard the news that we were getting a new Star Wars film. Not only a new Star Wars film, but a new trilogy! I was beyond excited. Then I heard it was Episodes 1 -3, we were going to see the story of Anakin Skywalker, I didn’t think I could get any more excited, but I did. I remember seeing Episode 1 in 1999 and I loved it. I couldn’t wait for Episodes 2 and 3 and I ended loving them as well. I did not know about all the “hate” the prequels really had until I started listening to Star Wars Podcasts. So yes, I was in the dark about all that until about 2009 or so, when I discovered Rebel Force Radio and from there I found more and more Star Wars Podcasts, I think I subscribe to about 20 or more Star Wars Podcasts now.

That’s when I started hearing all this hate for the prequels, I could not believe it. It just didn’t make sense to me. I mean George Lucas said he made the original trilogy for kids, so it would make sense that the new trilogy would be geared towards kids as well. Some of the hate I was hearing was it was too childish and that Jar Jar Binks was just there for the kids. Well, I guess I’m just a big kid, I was 30 years old when I first saw Episode 1 and like I said I came out of there loving it and I still love it, it’s problem my favorite of the prequels, I really enjoyed Jar Jar, and I still enjoy Jar Jar, I think he’s funny. I understand he’s not for everyone but I don’t think he deserved the venom he was getting from some fans. I can see that some may have found him annoying and obnoxious, I understand that, but I enjoyed him because I identified with him, he was a loveable loser and I felt like that most for most of my younger years.

I have never been to a Star Wars Celebration yet, I hope one of these years I can afford the passes, travel and lodging. I would love to just attend one, that’s all I’m asking for, just one. I’m not big on crowds and lines so I think one would be nice. Just to see all the stuff, all the Star Wars stuff and meet new like-minded friends that I’ve meet on line, on Twitter and Facebook, the podcast hosts that I consider friends now, that is why I want to go to one.

The future of Star Wars looks so bright and I’m so excited for more Star Wars films. I really enjoyed Episode 7 and Rogue One, I’m really excited for Episode 8 and 9 and the Han Solo film. I personally haven’t seen a “bad” Star Wars film. But that’s just me. I also enjoy Rebels and The Clone Wars. I am planning on getting into some of the new novels, yes, I’m going to give reading a chance, it might take me a long time to read just one novel but I think it will be worth it. My wife got me the Ahsoka novel for Christmas, so I think that’s where I’ll start.

So, I can’t image my life without Star Wars in it. Yes I was around for a short 8 years before the first one, but I really can’t remember that time before Star Wars, if that makes sense. I believe Star Wars has something for everyone, and some stuff may not be for everyone and that’s fine, Star Wars allows you to pick and choose the stuff you like and the stuff you don’t, me, I just happen to like everything. May the Force Be With You.


– Jeffrey F

Author: Chris Wermeskerch

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  1. Yes, you can @ me on Twitter if you’re not a fan, LOL, I am the author of this article …

  2. Thank you so much for letting me express my feelings and opinions. I noticed a couple typos I had, but I’m sure the readers can figure out what I meant. 😉 Hopefully I can write more for you guys later. Thanks Again.

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